NAMSUNG Ignition

Piezo Igniters

Piezo igniters are known to be compact, simple and cost-effective. In a small casing or frame, they are designed for the mechanical ignition for gas burning equipments without foreign electrical source.

As NAMSUNG's igniters are crafted with special piezo ceramic molded in plastic or epoxy resin, our products have benefits such as high durability and high electrical output as well as smooth operation and high tolerance for extreme conditions.

Product key features
  • Excellent durability
  • High output and energy
  • High heat/humid resistivity
  • Smooth operation
  • Anti-dusted

Company History

Opened the first office in Buchon city for the production of Infrared gas burner.
Exclusive contract with Fuji Ceramics Corp., Japan.
Opened the second office in Gwangmyoung city for the production piezo igniter unit.
Granted UL authorization from UL LLC, USA.
Received Korean National Award for 1 million dollars export.
Granted VDE certification from VDE institute, Germany.